Anti-Bac Sponge Mop with Refill | Treated with Anti-Bac

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Effortlessly clean your floors with this fantastic Kleeneze sponge mop treated with the antimicrobial ingredient of zinc pyrithione to prevent bacteria build-up, keeping your flat mop fresher for longer. Made from iron, the lightweight mop handle is 120 cm long, enabling you to clean into tight spaces and under furniture. The durable and highly absorbent sponge mop head locks in dirt and grime effectively, leaving your floors brilliantly clean and streak free with maximum shine.

  • Contains the antimicrobial ingredient of zinc pyrithione to resist staining and bacteria build-up keeping the mop fresher for longer.
  • Keep your floors wonderfully clean with this brilliant Kleeneze wringing sponge mop featuring a removable and washable mop head.
  • Strong and highly absorbent with an easy self-wring function, this fabulous sponge mop ensures no drips or streaks left on your floors.
  • Suitable for most hard floors around your home, soft sponge cloths are non-abrasive so do not worry about scratching any surfaces.
  • Made from durable steel, the mop handle is 120 cm long so you can reach every corner of your home and enjoy easy, hassle free cleaning.
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