About Us

A brand steeped in history…

Kleeneze began in 1923 as a door-to-door distributor of high-quality handmade wire brushes. Since then, the brand has developed into a well-known and highly-regarded name, still concentrating on producing the products that people love, with a focus on innovative and great value items.

Providing solutions to everyday chores, Kleeneze combines household staples with clever designs and forward-thinking ideas. Our products are affordable, clever and quirky. We're bringing the best of cleaning, laundry and electricals to both online and retail channels.

For recycling information visit: Recycling – The Triman Symbol

We are a member of Battery Full Producer Compliance Scheme, part of being a member of a Battery Compliance Scheme is we offer free recycling of our used batteries. Battery Producer number: BPRN02680