Telescopic Foam Brush with Extendable 120 cm Handle

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Clean all of your hard floor surfaces with this amazing Telescopic Foam Broom from Kleeneze. With the non-scratch foam head, a single swoop will remove everyday dirt without damaging the floor. Perfect for pet owners, the broom will pick up any unwanted pet hair and dust without any hassle. The head can be used either damp or dry so even the finest of dust is collected. Extremely user-friendly, the handle can be extended to 120cm so that even the hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned effectively.

  • Effortlessly clean all of your hard floor surfaces to perfection with the amazing and effective telescopic foam broom from Kleeneze.
  • Perfect for pet owners, this foam broom is ideal for those with animals at home, picking up and collecting all of their hair and dust.
  • Featuring a generous and convenient 120 cm extendable handle, the broom is great for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas without hassle.
  • Use the broom dry for cleaning everyday hair and fluff or simply dampen the foam head to collect even the finest dust from your floors.
  • Featuring a non-scratch foam head, achieve beautiful results with this broom without having to worry about it damaging your flooring.
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