Spray Window Cleaning Wiper with Microfibre Glass/Window Cloths

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Give your wall surfaces a sparkling, spotless finish with this innovative spray window cleaner from Kleeneze. Featuring a high-performance microfibre pad and easy-to-use finger trigger operation, the lightweight wiper sprays water from the 200 ml bottle directly onto your windows and mirrors as you clean for a thorough cleanse. Reduce your cleaning time and chemical product use on stubborn marks by using the versatile microfibre cloths which collect and hold dirt rather than pushing it around.

  • Ideal for tiles, windows and mirrors, this Kleeneze spray wiper lets you add moisture as you clean for quick and effective results.
  • Made from rugged plastic, the unit is perfect for everyday use and has a generous 200 ml water capacity so you can clean for longer.
  • Measuring just 27.5 cm x 25.5 cm x 9 cm, the compact cleaning tool is lightweight to handle and easy to store away after use.
  • Suitable for most surfaces in the home, the microfibre cloths can be used with water alone for an easy, effective, chemical-free clean.
  • Each cloth measures a generous 30 x 30 cm each making them the perfect accessory for effortlessly hand cleaning any room.
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