Jumbo Car Sponge

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An essential for washing your cars at home, this jumbo car sponge from Kleeneze will leave your vehicles looking sparkling clean. Extremely soft, and super absorbent, this sponge is great for lathering up the soap or shampoo and removing all of the tough dirt and grime. Boasting a convenient large surface area, this jumbo sponge will effortlessly cleaning car bonnets, side mirrors and windscreens without any hassle at all. Leave your car shining after a wash with this wonderful Kleeneze sponge.

  • Leave your cars looking sparkling clean after using the jumbo car sponge from Kleeneze, an essential cleaning tool for any household.
  • Measuring an impressive 23 x 11 x 7 cm, the jumbo sponge boasts a large surface area, perfect for using on car bonnets and windscreens.
  • This Kleeneze sponge is perfect for lathering, creating lovely bubbles and foam which will help to deliver an efficient and easy clean.
  • Being highly absorbent and super soft, this sponge will effortlessly remove any unwanted dirt and debris from the windows and wheels.
  • Fitting comfortably in your hand, this sponge is great for using on cars, van and motorbikes, or even for cleaning around your home.
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