Essential Household Cleaning Spray Bottle with Microfibre Cloths, Magic Sponges, Twinkle & Shine Sponges and Scrub Bug Sponges

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Show your home, oven trays and grills some love with this Kleeneze set including Spray Bottle, Microfibre Cloths, ten Magic Sponges, two Twinkle & Shine Sponges and two Scrub Bug Sponges. The 750 ml spray bottle is complete with a leak proof, screw top lid for easy refills. Magic sponges make light work of removing tough stains and stubborn marks, whereas the Twinkle & Shine and Scrub Bug sponges feature scouring surfaces for tackling tougher stains and burnt on grease.

  • Enhance your cleaning kit with this comprehensive Kleeneze set, including spray bottle, cloths, magic sponges and more.
  • The transparent Kleeneze spray bottle has an adjustable nozzle for quick and convenient use, simply fill up, turn on and spray away.
  • Twinkle and Shine Sponges feature double layer technology with an abrasive scouring surface and super soft cellulose sponge.
  • With double-sided abrasive scouring surfaces and utensil-cleaning centre, the Scrub Bug sponges are firm in hot water and soft in cold water.
  • The Magic Sponges make light work of removing tough stains and stubborn marks, perfect for use on doors, hard surfaces and more.
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