Assorted Grill Scourers, 10 Pack

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Achieve powerful cleaning action with these ergonomically designed scourers from Kleeneze, comprising Might Grill, Tough Scrub, Brass and Stainless Steel scourers. Made to fit in your palm during use to deliver a great abrasive clean - perfect for tackling stains, dirt and burnt-on grease. Use these scourers to revitalise grills, BBQs, oven racks, pans and more. These hard-wearing and durable scourers are well suited to meet the demands of a busy family kitchen, or even small commercial premises.

  • For tough cleaning on grills, BBQs, ovens, pans and more, look for this assorted set of grill scourers from Kleeneze.
  • Comprising Mighty Grill, Tough Scrub, Brass and Stainless Steel scourers, this set is a superb choice aiding with tough cleaning tasks.
  • Well suited for cleaning tough stains and dirt, these abrasive scourers are also perfect for tackling burnt-on grease or grime.
  • Although these scourers deliver mighty effective cleaning, they are have been designed to leave a streak-free finish after use.
  • Containing 10 scourers in total, these durable tools are ergonomically designed to fit into your palm and are ideal for daily cleaning.
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